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“I have about 300 chickens, and I keep a lot of rare breeds. I have had a problem with unexplained deaths, over many years, in just one of my many yards and also the odd death among my Japanese bantams.

I was on the phone to Kylie from Anpario ordering more Orego-Stim Liquid (a product I recommend to all poultry fanciers). She advised me to try ‘Clean & Dry’ for the problems I was having in my yard. Kylie told me that Clean & Dry was a product that can be used to reduce moisture and therefore bacteria in the yard. She explained that it has a blend of natural minerals and essential oils, also that it is chemical-free and has a pleasant citrus smell.

In early summer I put the Clean & Dry down in the problem areas as per the instructions and had enough left over to completely cover the very large Japanese bantam run as well. Since then, I have had no unexplained deaths in either area.

I would definitely recommend this product if you have wet, fouled up areas that can be a home for bacteria or just an area that is due for a thorough going over. Just another one of Anpario’s great products for chooks and other farm animals!"

- Jill Weaver, Fernybridge Poultry, and author of ‘Keeping Happy Poultry’

Absorbent Sanitising Powder for Poultry

Relying solely on disinfecting surfaces is not always sufficient in ensuring the removal of pathogenic bacteria, as excess moisture can lead to unwanted bacterial growth following clean down. Clean & Dry is a blend of natural minerals and essential oils with enhanced absorptive ability to help keeping areas Clean & Dry!

Key Benefits


  • Efficient and practical cleaning product ideal to maintain the cleanliness in poultry housing.
  • Removing excess moisture in the nest boxes can help reduce cycling of undesirable bacteria from the environment.
  • Essential oil contained helps reduce odour and smell from droppings.
  • Can absorb twice its weight of moisture to help provide and maintain a dry environment.
  • Ideal for when mixing stock, to reduce stress during re-grouping.


How to Use

Sprinkle and dust up to 50 g/m2 into litter and onto all floor areas during daily maintenance, sweep excess material away during routine cleaning. 

Regrouping & Transport: A light dusting over stock and equipment. For best results, use continuously throughout the year.

Once opened, ensure the bag is tightly sealed between use to ensure longevity of the product, and store in a cool, dry area away from heat and damp conditions.

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