Case Study Orego-Stim® Powder Reduces Coccidia Oocyst Shedding in Weaned Lambs


  • Livestock cooperative of Extremadura, Spain.
  • More than 100 members dedicated to Merino sheep farming, with a total number of 71,000 sheep producing approx. 550,000 litres of milk.

  • The customer wanted to see the effect of Orego-Stim Powder on coccidia oocyst shedding rates and growth performance of lambs compared to other commercially available additives.


  • Orego-Stim Powder is a high quality eubiotic composed of 100% natural oregano essential oil. It has been developed to support intestinal health and maintain gut integrity.
  • Natural oregano essential oil (OEO) has many properties including antimicrobial, antioxidant, and immunomodulatory functions. It also possesses anti-protozoal properties, with OEO active ingredients having been shown to have a direct impact on oocyst shedding (Baricco, et al., 2005).


  • The trial was undertaken in 2022, with 4 batches of 50 weaned lambs (total of 200 lambs) being allocated to one of four dietary groups for 26 days.
  • Parameters assessed during the trial included liveweight, average daily gain, feed intake and coccidia oocyst faecal count. Weights were measured every 6-7 days.

  • The 4 dietary groups were as per the table below:



Lambs supplemented with Orego-Stim Powder:
  • Gained an additional 480g and 300g over the trial period compared to Rumex and Forcix respectively.
  • Had an increased average daily gain by an extra 18g and 12g per day compared to Rumex and Forcix respectively.

  • Consumed an extra 920g and 680g of concentrates across the trial compared to lambs fed rations supplemented with Rumex and Forcix respectively. This may aid rumen development and growth rates.

  • Was €0.08 and €0.07 cheaper per kg liveweight compared to Rumex and Forcix respectively.

  • Were more feed efficient with improved feed conversion ratios by 16 points and 8 points compared to Rumex and Forcix respectively.

  • Had a greater reduction in coccidia oocyst numbers compared to lambs from any of the other dietary groups:

Broiler performance at day 30

Orego-Stim | Help Improve Growth Performance in Dairy Calves


Orego-Stim is Anpario's 100% natural high quality oregano essential oil (OEO) additive range. 

  • OEO naturally contains antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds to support a healthy digestive system and aid nutrient absorption.
  • Supports animal's natural defence mechanism and aids natural immunity. 

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Disclaimer: No performance guarantee is offered. All observations noted in this document were provided by the customer. Government requirements for product claims vary, therefore statements may not apply in all geographical regions. Any economic benefits claimed in this document were correct at the time of publication.

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