Trial Summary - Mighti-Flo Reduces Lice Infestations in Domestic Fowl Under Field Conditions


  • A controlled field trial was conducted to assess the efficacy of Mighti-Flo in controlling lice on domestic fowl.
  • Mighti-Flo reduced lice counts by up to 98.5% compared to the negative control and was shown to be as effective as the commercial standard, chemical shampoo treatment.
  • Mighti-Flo, a 100% natural product, may help reduce reliance on chemical insecticides for ectoparasite control.


  • Ectoparasites, such as lice and mites, continue to be a significant problem in domestic fowl. They cause irritation, anemia, and poor performance in heavily infested birds.
  • Chemical insecticides are commonly used for the control of ectoparasites. Development of resistance and the potential of adverse effects in the environment continue to be a challenge with their use.
  • To address these challenges, an alternative such as Mighti-Flo, a 100% natural, non-toxic, environmentally safe solution is of interest.
  • Mighti-Flo contains diatomaceous earth, which works by causing mechanical damage to the insect’s waxy cuticle, leading to dehydration and death of the affected ectoparasite.


A controlled field trial was conducted in the Philippines on a domestic fowl farm by the College of Veterinary Medicine (2021). Ninety birds were randomly assigned to one of three groups (30 birds each); Negative control (untreated); Positive control (treated with a chemical shampoo); Mighti-Flo (applied by rubber pump dispenser to thoroughly cover the wings and body). Treatments were applied on days 0 and 14. Total ectoparasite collection from natural infestation from each bird was carried out on day 28. Treatment efficacy was calculated as a percentage reduction in mean total ectoparasite count compared to the negative control.


  • Mighti-Flo reduced lice counts in domestic fowl by up to 98.5% compared to the negative control and matched the efficacy of the positive control group treated with a chemical shampoo (Figure 1).
  • Mighti-Flo is highly effective at helping to control natural lice infestations in domestic fowl kept under field conditions and may help reduce reliance on chemical insecticides for ectoparasite control

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