Trial Summary - Orego-Stim® Supports Optimal Gut Health in Broilers


  • Compromised gut health is estimated to cost the UK poultry Industry over £42 million annually due to coccidiosis and up to £0.04/bird due to necrotic enteritis.
  • Broilers fed Orego-Stim had comparable performance to the anti-coccidial treatment.
  • Orego-Stim still allows for coccidial recycling in the litter which is essential for the development of natural immunity against coccidiosis.


  • Damage to gut health from coccidia leads to reduced bird performance due to poor feed conversion ratio, slower growth and can result in higher flock mortality.
  • In-feed anti-coccidials may not be allowed in antibiotic free diets; ionophores chemicals such as robenidine hydrochloride.


Anpario have conducted a trial with commercial broilers in controlled, floorpen conditions. Comparing the performance of broilers fed either an in feed anti-coccidial robendidine hydrochloride (33ppm) or 300g/MT Orego-Stim for a duration of 42 days (8 replicates per treatment, 55 broilers per pen). Body weight and feed intake were measured throughout the trial and diets were commercIal standard rations. Weekly litter coccidia counts were taken.


Orego-Stim on Broiler Gut Health
  • Birds fed Orego-Stim had comparable weight gain to those fed robenidine hydrochloride 2.15kg and 2.14kg respectively.
  • Orego-Stim allowed a low level cycling of coccidia in the litter (without clinical signs of coccidiosis), producing a beneficial oocyst profile to enable active immunity to develop.
  • This trial has demonstrated that 300g/MT Orego-Stim can help to maintain weight gain and allow the development of natural immunity through coccidial recycling in the litter.

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