Hot Topic - Reduce the Impact of Coccidiosis and Protect Your Birds

What is Coccidiosis?

Coccidiosis is a common intestinal infection that plagues all poultry, caused by protozoan parasites of the Eimeria group. Infection can seriously impair bird growth and lead to increased mortality. Coccidiosis targets the intestinal tract and can cause severe damage of the gut wall lining, resulting in the development of lesions; this impairs digestion, nutrition absorption, causes severe diarrhoea and ultimately impacts health and performance of the flock.

Disrupt the Coccidiosis Lifecycle with Orego-Stim®

  • Disruption to the lifecycle of the Eimeria parasite is the best way to reduce the impact of coccidiosis and help to control the disease.
  • Controlling the replication of oocysts and reducing the population in the environment helps to reduce the challenge on the bird while enabling natural immunity to develop.
  • Increasing gut cell turnover supports healing and repair of the gut lining, minimising incidence and severity of lesions which are commonly associated with coccidiosis challenge.
  • Maintaining a healthy gut is important for optimal feed efficiency and nutrient absorption.

Orego-Stim helps disrupt the Eimeria lifecycle

How Can Natural Oregano Essential Oil Help?

Anpario’s unique strain of oregano produce consistently high quality oregano essential oil (OEO) which has many properties, including antimicrobial, antioxidant and immunomodulatory functions.

OEO also possesses anti-protozoal properties as the active ingredients encourages the rapid replacement of epithelial cells lining the intestinal wall. 

This helps shed the Eimeria parasites before they can proliferate in the gut, as well as supporting the rate of healing and repair which reduces incidence and severity of lesions.

Orego-Stim® Range - The 100% Natural Oregano Essential Oil Solution

Orego-Stim® is Anpario's 100% natural high quality oregano essential oil (OEO) additive, available in both liquid and powder. 

  •  Formulated to suit on-farm application, for use in livestock including layers, broilers, turkeys, and game birds.
  • Suitable for smallholders, backyard chickens, fancy poultry, cage & aviary birdsracing pigeons, fancy pigeons, and squabs.

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