Technical Tip Mitex Application in Poultry Systems


  • Mighti-Flo is a natural mineral powder, containing food grade diatomaceous earth (DE). DE is effective in controlling external parasites on poultry, such as red mite, fleas and lice.
  • DE works by damaging the waxy cuticle on the bodies of insects, causing dehydration and death.
  • DE is a non-toxic, environmentally safe, 100% natural technology, which kills mites and insects within 3 days of direct contact. It contains no chemical pesticides, therefore there is no risk of chemoresistance and requires no withdrawal period.
  • Mighti-Flo is suitable for all types of poultry housing systems.



  • The easiest way to use Mighti-Flo is to dust, spray or sprinkle on or around areas susceptible to mite infestation.
  • Prior to the placement of a new flock, remove all bedding and organic matter from the poultry house and disinfect thoroughly as part of a biosecurity programme.
  • Mighti-Flo can be applied after fresh litter has been put down and before the hens are housed, and throughout the production cycle.
  • Mighti-Flo can be applied using a spray applicator or pump dispenser. Always ensure the correct protective equipment is worn (see product label) during application and until the dust is settled.
  • Pay close attention to ledges, around nest boxes, and any cracks and crevices in the poultry house.
  • Repeat application around every 4 to 6 weeks if feathers and litter cover treated surfaces, and if the product is physically removed during cleaning of conveyors or blown away by fans. Avoid applying Mighti-Flo during windy conditions.
  • Apply Mighti-Flo towards the evening, as laying hens are settled and starting to roost, and before the mites become most active during the night time. This minimizes stress on the bird and any disturbances to egg laying, whilst also maximizing product efficacy.
  • Ensure egg belts are run after application to avoid eggs becoming covered in Mighti-Flo.
  • Any temporary moisture in the house will help Mighti-Flo stick to surfaces, and the product will become effective as soon as it dries out.
  • For maintenance and before an infestation is present, apply 20g/m2 of hard surface, and use 30g/m2 when a moderate-severe infestation is present.


  • Mighti-Flo can be offered in dust bath or box mixed with soil or sand. Although a range of mixing ratios can be used, a 1:1 ratio works well.
  • Alternatively, Mighti-Flo can be sprinkled in an area where the birds naturally roll.
  • The natural dust bathing behaviour of birds allows Mighti-Flo to get close to the feather follicles where mites may be located for blood feeding.


  • Mighti-Flo can be safely applied directly onto birds.
  • Hold birds carefully and dust through the feathers to cover the wings and body.
  • Following an infestation, repeat Mighti-Flo application every 3 to 4 days to break the lifecycle of the mites.


  • As long as Mighti-Flo is dry, it is effective against target insects that come into contact with it, whether they come into contact with it directly or they walk over it later.
  • Mixing Mighti-Flo with water and distributing in a spray form (to avoid clumping) may make it easier to treat larger surface areas and helps to minimize airborne dust particles (correct protective equipment is still recommended).
  • Mighti-Flo applied in this form will be effective once the water evaporates and the Mighti-Flo dries out, leaving a fine coating of product on surfaces.
  • Mix 100-140kg Mighti-Flo/1000 litres of water, mix well, and apply using a sprayer.
  • Ensure the mixture is kept agitated during application to minimize separation and allow the solution to dry.
  • The mix may also be applied as a ‘paint’ to susceptible areas.


Note: Mighti-Flo is not intended for nutritional purposes, however accidental addition of Mighti-Flo to feed will not negatively impact hen health, performance or egg quality. Mighti-Flo is approved as feed safe for animal consumption.

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