A Visual Comparison of the Absorbency of Clean & Dry Against Two Competitor Products


  • Clean & Dry is a highly absorbent desiccant powder, designed to assist in drying the environment to reduce the growth of pathogenic bacteria.
  • Disinfecting surfaces is not always sufficient to ensure a low microbial load as moisture can enable the proliferation of bacteria following clean down.


  • Clean & Dry is used as a desiccant following cleaning and disinfecting on farm and also in creep areas around the time of farrowing to help ensure a clean, dry and warm environment for neonates.
  • The purpose of this study was to visually compare the ability of Clean & Dry to absorb water against two commercially available products.

Trial Design

Trial 1


  • 10g of Clean & Dry, or competitor product was added to a clean container. 
  • A known weight of water was added and mixed into the product at 1g (10% the weight of the product), 5g (50%) and 10g (100%). 
  • The mixture was stirred and photographed for comparison.


Trial 2

  • 1g (10% by weight) of water was added to 10g of Clean & Dry, or competitor product, the mixture was stirred and photographed.  
  • Following 1 hour, a further 1g (10%) of water was added to the mixture, stirred and photographed. 
  • This was repeated twice more to a total of 4g (40%) in 4 hours. This was to assess the ability of the product to reabsorb water over time.


Clean & Dry is able to absorb more water at all addition levels than the competitor products. 

At the highest (100%) water inclusion Clean & Dry formed a paste, but no free water was visible. The two competitor products were unable to absorb 100% water inclusion.

Clean & Dry was able to retain its powder form after addition of 1 g of water per hour for 4 hours. The two competitor products began to clump with each addition of 1 g (10%) over 2 x 1 g and did not dry out effectively between water addition points.

Clean & Dry is a highly absorbent desiccant powder infused with essential oils designed to provide a dry and comfortable environment for your animals.

  • Has an enhanced absorptive capacity;
  • Helps to reduce environmental microbial burden;
  • Within creep areas, helps to maintain dry, warm neo-natal piglets to encourage feeding activity;
  • Contains essential oils to prevent skin drying out;
  • Can be used in dairy cow cubicles and in poultry litter as well as floors and ramps to prevent slippage.  

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