Competitive Rider & Owner Gaelann East and her Irish Thoroughbred Starling Imperial Coffee are delighted with the results of Orego-Stim® Equine

Imperial Coffee is Irish thoroughbred, 15.2h, 13 years old, and unfortunately has a lot of health complications. Gaelann was happy to try Orego-Stim Equine on Imperial Coffee hoping it may help offer support to relieve some of the digestive upsets and stress he is experiencing.

Due to the sensitive nature of Imperial Coffee’s digestive system, Gaelann stays away from anything processed. Coffee is fed 3 oily herbs, bicarb, ad lib hay and Speedi-Beet feed to which she now adds 30ml of 100% natural Orego-Stim Equine which “he has happily taken to”.

Due to Imperial Coffee’s health complications, it can negatively affect his temperament but Gaelann has noticed that:

  • He has perked up, his ears are pricked, his coat has a shine and he’s paying more attention than usual. It also seems to help him to cope slightly better with his “stress” on those very bad days.”
  • He has a much happier demeanour, and has been much less grumpy since I started using Orego-Stim

  • “He is still girthy but I can tell he seems freer in the shoulder, and he is happier to stride out

Imperial Coffee has had digestive related issue for a few years, one of the ways this manifests itself is through problems when passing faeces.  Gaelann has found that although he still struggles, he has better ball formation now that Orego-Stim Equine has been added to his diet, as “previously it would come out like a cowpat but now there is much better ball formation, a healthier shine covering, and he isn’t heaving as much to pass”.

Gaelann has also found Orego-Stim Equine to benefit Imperial Coffee’s coughing, as “he can be prone to coughing which I relate to his digestive upsets such as acid reflux, but recently the coughing has stopped”.

Orego-Stim Equine is our 100% natural horse supplement containing our unique oregano essential oil. A great all in one horse supplement to add to feed all year round!

Orego-Stim Equine
  • Antimicrobial action helps support your horses' immune resilience and their respiratory function.
  • Aromatic to encourage horse feed and forage intakes.   

  • Supports equine digestive health and nutrient absorption.  

  • Natural antioxidant properties that can aid horse concentration and temperament, beneficial when hacking, at work, travelling or in competitions.

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