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Orego-Stim® and Salgard - The Perfect Match
Orego-Stim® and Salgard are two products that work in harmony to assist in maintaining a robust immune system and therefore protect against pathogens and subsequent illness, condition loss and sometimes death.
Salgard - Want to know more?
Is our latest offering into the pigeon industry. Salgard is one of Anpario’s leading Acid Based Eubiotics (ABE’s), designed to help maintain a healthy gut microbiome. The acids used are a synergistic blend of formic and propionic acid. Formic aids in the control...
Hot Topic - Anpario Sponsors Sydney Gold Ring Race 2020

Anpario has the incredible opportunity of sponsoring three pigeons trained by decorated racer Alan Brown, two of which are the offspring of his pedigree race winning pigeon ‘Bullet’, in September’s Sydney Gold Ring Race 2020. The birds will be raised on a winning formula of good training and Orego-Stim.

Hot Topic - Why Should You Be Concerned About Red Mites in Pigeon Lofts?

Red mites (Dermanyssus gallinae) are small parasitic blood-feeding mites that have a waxy outer coating. They affect birds that roost, in particular pigeon and poultry in the warmer seasons. Mites do not live on the bird, they generally reside in small cracks, holes and crevices in housing, but they become active at night, gaining access to the bird to feed.

Hot Topic - Lady Oregon, becomes 2020 champion the Sydney Gold Ring Race

Lady Oregon was raised using Orego-Stim® in her water every day. Established race winning trainer, Alan Brown, attributes her overall good health and flying condition before and after the race to Orego-Stim

Hot Topic - Pigeon Fanciers Harness Nature's Power

Anpario, leading supplier of sustainable feed additives and supplements, discuss how natural products can help support pigeon health and performance. 


Hot Topic- Supporting Gut Health is Key to Pigeon Performance

Supporting gut health is fundamental to helping the bird achieve their genetic potential and maintain optimal lifetime performance, particularly in the absence of antibiotics. A healthy gut is one which is in a state of “eubiosis”.