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Clean & Dry 5kg
Greg Rumble

Clean & Dry 5kg

Salgard Liquid for Pigeons and Avian 1 Litre

Excellent, easy to use product

Noticeable improvement in our pullets' general health and marked reduction of coccidiosis symptoms in particular.

Mrs Liene

Fantastic product and great service

Racing pigeons and Orego stim as well combined with Salgard

Awesome products work well and the birds are loving it and benefit from it at the same time combined with amazing customer service and support Quality at highest levels THANK YOU !!!

Orego-Stim Liquid
Ian Laurie

great product birds have never looked so good especially in the breeding cage the only thing is, need a quality small measure supplied, highly recommend!

Orego stim

Not sure doesn't seem to be doing much more than just using salgard liquid

Orego-Stim Liquid for Avian and Pigeons

#1 buy for stock

I love the Oregostim powder. It smells so amazing I’m tempted to use it as a potpourri 😁
I put a pinch into each 10kg of feed when I buy and then store it. My poultry is healthier with less issues thanks to it.

Orego-Stim Liquid
Tamara tamara
Awesome product. Unfortunately my chickens knocked it over and it broke, so need to order a new...

Seems to be a great product.

Orego-Stim Liquid
Leonard Dowd

Great product for all Round health

Orego-Stim Liquid
Jade Harms
Orego-Stim Liquid

Very happy


I use 1 ml per litre every day, seems to be great for the birds

Not as strong as couple bottles I brought .have to yous twice as much liquid.

Great service

Great service arrived 3 days after ordering

all good

all good thanks Neil

Great product

Hi Kylie when we had Jandakot Stock and Pet we used to sell plenty of your product oh how quickly people forget as i use it for my race birds i always pump it up to the punters keep up the good work.Ray

Orego-Stim Liquid
better than sliced bread

Ex product better than sliced bread

Salgard Liquid 1 Litre

Great product

Only been using it for a few weeks but seems to be keeping the water a lot cleaner in the big water fountains, and the birds haven’t shy’d away at all.

Orego-Stim Powder
Frances Dickerson

Orego-Stim Powder

good stuff

As a regular additive to the chickens diet, Oregon stim is economical to use and makes a marked difference to their general good health and disease resistance. I would recommend this product for backyarders and pros alike.

Very good for the birds keeps them clean and soft feathers

I really like it. My pigeons are performing better on it

Great health supplements