Naturally contains a wide range of antimicrobial and antioxidant properties


Improves feed hygiene; controls bacterial & mould growth in feed and water;


Designed to help provide a dry and comfortable environment for your animals.

Shop Avian Poultry and Pigeon

Our Avian Bird Range is suitable for pigeon, aviary birds and all poultry species, including Chickens (layers and broilers), Turkeys, Ducks and Game Birds. We offer a range of natural feed supplements and additives suitable for all growth stages of your birds; providing solutions to support growth, performance, gut health, bird loft and house hygiene, red mite infestation and more.

Shop Equine

We offer a range of natural horse supplements and additives to support equine condition and performance, horse gut health, stress support, stable hygiene and more. Our natural equine supplements are available in handy pack sizes; and when used as part of your feeding regime, will help support well-being and maintain top condition of your horse or pony whatever your focus might be: showing, dressage, show jumping, eventing or simply hacking out for fun.

Shop Livestock

Our team works with Dairy, Beef, Sheep, Goat and Alpaca producers. Irrespective of the scale of your enterprise, we understand the challenges to ensure efficient production in a sustainable and health conscious market. Sold in Australia for more than 30 years and supported by our UK parent company's scientific and practical experience. Our products are trusted by livestock producers worldwide to help drive health and performance naturally.

Shop Swine

Our team works with farmers, smallholders and alongside vets, nutritionists and feed industry professionals to help support optimal health and performance in pigs of all stages of production: Gilts, Sows, Piglets, Weaners, Growers and Finishers. We offer a range of natural feed supplements and additives to help maintain performance and efficiency throughout the lifetime of your pigs naturally.

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