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Technical Tip - Mighti-Flo Application in Poultry Systems
  • Mighti-Flo is a natural mineral powder, containing food grade diatomaceous earth (DE). DE is effective in controlling external parasites on poultry, such as red mite, fleas and lice.
Anti-Viral Properties of Formic Acid

Orego-Stim and Anpario’s Acid Based Eubiotics (ABE) are effective in managing sow gut health and improving progeny performance.

Benefits of Anpario's Unique Mineral Carrier System

pHorce A is a highly concentrated liquid blend of liquid acids and powder acid salts. 

Ideal as a bacterial decontaminating agent to improve feed hygiene or for use in poultry and swine to help maintain a healthy gut microbiota.

    Evaluating Orego-Stim® Antibacterial Activity in Comparison to Competitor Products

    Orego-Stim proved more effective than other commercially available phytogenics, producing a larger zone of inhibition against a specific resistant Escherichia coli (E. coli) strain.

      Natural Solution to Mycotoxin Risks: Anpro Does Not Bind Minerals & Vitamins
      Natural Solution to Mycotoxin Risks: Anpro Does Not Bind Minerals & Vitamins
      Anpro adsorbents are effective at reducing the contamination of secondary metabolites from moulds.
      Anpro adsorbents do not bind minerals or vitamins.
      Anpro is a broad spectrum, cost effective management tool.
        Orego-Stim® as a Natural Alternative to Coccidiostats

        Coccidiosis is an intestinal infection ubiquitous to poultry and is caused by several different species of EimeriaInfection seriously impairs poultry growth and feed utilisation (Yun et al., 2000).

        Reducing the severity of coccidiosis can enhance performance and improve profitability.

          A Visual Comparison of the Absorbency of Clean & Dry Against Two Competitor Products

          Clean & Dry is a highly absorbent desiccant powder, designed to assist in drying the environment to reduce the growth of pathogenic bacteria.

          Disinfecting surfaces is not always sufficient to ensure a low microbial load as moisture can enable the proliferation of bacteria following clean down.

            Hot Topic - Are You Struggling To Get Rid Of Those Pesky Red Mites?

            Mighti-Flo is our natural mite control product. It is an effective 100% natural way of controlling mites without using any unsafe chemical or pesticides in the process. 

              Orego-Stim® Quality Guaranteed from Process to Product

              The natural Oregano Essential Oil (OEO) in Orego-Stim is extracted from Anpario’s exclusive oregano strain, cultivated organically in central Europe. From point of harvest through the unique extraction method and onward production processes, we protect the active properties in the natural oil to ensure a high-quality product every time.