Testimonial Livestock

Orego-Stim® Liquid for Calves - Brett Kemper - VIC
I buy calves from the market at between 5-10 days old. Cryptosporidium with these calves is a problem and I have tried a lot of products on the market to give them the best chance of survival, but I was still losing them. I started using Orego-Stim March this year and I haven’t lost a calf since.
Orego-Stim® Liquid for Calves - Miriam Crane - VIC

I have been farming my whole life. I have been using Orego-Stim for the last two years. Before using Orego-Stim I had some Salmonella and Rotavirus challenges. I started the calves on 10 ml per day (5ml per feed) and found that it increased their appetite and sped up their recovery.

Orego-Stim® Liquid - Liz Wickenden - Carrington View Boer Goats - NSW

I put Amber with my old girl in a small paddock and put Orego-Stim Liquid in her water. Often when I put something in their water they won’t drink it and I end up having to drench them with it. This was not the case with the Orego-Stim Liquid, they all drank it with no problem. To our surprise not only did Amber pick up, her hair started to grow back, Amber is now enjoying retirement and is in good health with a full coat of hair.

Orego-Stim® Liquid and Powder - NB & TA Lett Dairy Farm Airly, VIC
Our sixty calves had Cryptosporidium, the vet came to see them and advised that there was little he could do. 
They weren’t eating, there was blood in their faeces. We lost three calves and the vet advised that we could expect to lose more.
Orego-Stim® Powder - Carrington View Boer Goats - Marz Andrew - NSW

With the adults we realised when they had feed without Orego-Stim Powder that if they overate, they would scour, this didn’t happen when they had the Orego-Stim. The goats have generally improved since using this product, and we have noticed a reduction in worm problems despite the incredibly wet summer we have had.

Orego-Stim® Liquid - Testimonial Liz and Campbell Jenkin - VIC

It was incredible the turnaround, within 2 days the health of our entire herd improved. At our worst point we were tube feeding most of the herd as they were too weak to drink, to now they were feeding themselves and their scouring stopped.