Anpro Advance

A premium technology, Anpro® Advance has been specifically formulated for it’s ability to effectively reduce the impact of a wide range of secondary fungal metabolites.

Orego-Stim® MR

Orego-Stim MR is a free-flowing natural powder containing a unique source of 100% natural oregano essential oil.

It is a feed additive premixture which has been developed for inclusion in milk replacers as part of a nutritional strategy to help manage intestinal health and performance of newborn animals.


Mighti-Flo is effective in the control of unwanted insects in both animal housing and grain storage environments, helping to maintain feed quality and enhance feed preservation.

Kio-Fos 60

A high inulin (60%) powdered product produced from chicory root.

Animal focus

Designed for use in pigs and domestic pets, the prebiotic nature of inulin helps to support beneficial bacterial microflora in the gut.

Mastercube Plus

Mastercube Plus is an ultra-low inclusion pellet binder which has been designed to improve milling efficiency whilst maximising the pellet quality of animal feed.


A combination of free carboxylic acids and buffered propionate with free flowing formulation technology.

Mycostat Flow
A combination of free carboxylic acids and buffered propionate with free flowing formulation technology.

Neutox, a broad spectrum mycotoxin binder with added mould control, consists of a unique, synergistic blend of minerals, yeast cell wall and an organic acid.


NeuPhorce is a multipurpose tool to control the growth of moulds and fungi in the feed and help the animal to overcome the effect of mycotoxins.

pHorce A

It is formulated to boost the natural gastric barrier in all species and also help maintain a healthy gut flora balance. The concentrated acidifier also assists with the reduction of the microbial load in a range of raw materials.

Optomega Algae

Optomega™ Algae is formulated on a unique carrier system to provide a consistently high level of 100% natural DHA in the form of a free-flowing, easy to use product.

Orego-Stim® Liquid
Orego-Stim™ Liquid is the leading high quality, phytogenic eubiotic, containing 100% natural oregano essential oil. Developed to manage intestinal health in livestock and aquaculture, to support optimum gut integrity and performance. 100% natural oregano essential oil feed additive designed for...
Orego-Stim® Powder

Orego-Stim Powder is a free flowing natural product, containing oregano essential oil, using proprietary extraction techniques and high quality standards to ensure a high quality and consistent product.