Orego-Stim® Liquid - Les Alexander - Dural Club - NSW

I am Les Alexander and I currently fly with the Dural Club in Sydney's North West. I have been asked if I would comment in relation the use of Orego-Stim Pigeon.

I was delighted to read in 2019 that Orego-Stim Pigeon was once again available to the Pigeon fraternity in Australia and as I had previously used this exceptional health product several years ago on my Pigeons until it ceased to be available in circa the end of 2016, I was keen to reintroduce the use of this product as an addition to my Natural Heath Program for my entire Loft both for breeding stock and for the race team.

I have had an excellent breeding season, no Canker, Salmonella or E.coli at all and not one single baby dying in the nest notwithstanding the extreme heat/bushfires and severe temperatures variations during December to the end of February that we experienced in New South Wales. Even my older breeding birds, for example, my 14 year old SAPHA 700mile Cooper Pedy winner who then bred the SAPHA Nullarbor winner, this year gave me two full rounds of beautiful babies. Several other principal stock Hens and Cocks 15 and 16 years "young" gave me full rounds, quite amazing from my perspective.

Overall I am very pleased with the health and appearance of all my birds and they in fact at this point in time have never looked better.

To all my fellow flyers in our Great Sport "Stay Safe".

Orego-Stim Pigeon is our 100% natural oregano essential oil product. 

  • Antimicrobial action help support the immune system.
  • Antioxidant properties support muscle maintenance which is helpful during flight and aids post-race recovery.
  • Supports drier and firmer droppings in your pigeons.
  • Helps birds develop a well-balanced and diverse gut microbiota.

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