Hot Topic - Lady Oregon, becomes 2020 champion the Sydney Gold Ring Race

Lady Oregon was raised using Orego-Stim® in her water every day. Established race winning trainer, Alan Brown, attributes her overall good health and flying condition before and after the race to Orego-Stim. Gut health is key to a healthy bird as this optimizes immune levels and allows for efficient function while battling the challenges faced by racing pigeons.

The Big Day

At 7am on the warm spring morning, Lady Oregon is released. With 500 rings sold, the task is a big one - 565 km from the North Western NSW town of Byrock back to Sydney. The conditions are not ideal with the temperature rising and a gusting 20-30 km/hour head wind. Potential attacks by predatory birds, the heat, the wind and flapping her wings at 10,000 beats per hour, Lady Oregon faces an extreme challenge. 

On the back deck in Western Sydney feeling the 31 degree heat and the hot wind blowing, Kylie from Anpario Australia and trainer Alan Brown wait anxiously for the arrival the two Anpario entries into the Sydney Gold Ring Race. Another coffee would be nice, but almost getting too hot for that. Where are they now do you think? Alan must have been impressed with Lady Oregon’s form as he all pooled and jackpot her nomination in the club race. Alan is explaining the direction he hopes to see the pigeons to come in. He points and explains they need to come over the back of the loft and directly onto the platform. 

Kylie is on the deck with the camera ready to film. She could be waiting a while, it’s a long race. At 1:24pm there is a pigeon on the platform, the landing was so quick, not only did Kylie miss videoing it, she missed seeing it come in altogether. Alan with his trained eye saw Lady Oregon come in exactly as he had hoped, as they had trained.  

Lady Oregon had flown well. She must have given she was the first racer back. Her average speed 84kms per hour. She’s looking good too, not dehydrated, not appearing to be fatigued. Extraordinary given the feat of endurance she has just completed. In fact trainer Alan immediately considers her for a race the following week.   

Alan explains that he expects to see other pigeons arrive anytime soon, an hour later another pigeon arrived home.

(R: Kylie and Alan with Lady Oregon)



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