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Is our latest offering into the pigeon industry. Salgard is one of Anpario’s leading Acid Based Eubiotics (ABE’s), designed to help maintain a healthy gut microbiome.

The acids used are a synergistic blend of formic and propionic acid. Formic aids in the control of common gram-negative microorganisms as Salmonella and E. Coli in raw materials and finished feed. Propionic acid helps to prevent mould

So, putting it all together, Salgard ensures maximum feed hygiene that supports the development of a diverse and well populated gut microbiome which helps to maintain animal health and performance. Salgard Liquid can also be used in
drinking water.

The levels of bacteria in feed and in the environment can vary, therefore recommended inclusion rates should be broad enough to accommodate these variations. So how much should you incorporate in the feed? The label has a range from minimum to maximum. It is difficult to know the level of microorganisms, so we suggest using mid-range levels and high levels if there are concerns about feed material quality.

For feed security and optimum gut health, you will achieve the best results if you use Salgard in the feed every day.

Salgard should be is added to the feed 24 hours before feeding. Below are our suggestions on incorporation into feed. The benefits of inclusion in the feed are that Salgard can help mitigate potentially harmful bacteria in the feed, as
well as supporting the development of beneficial bacteria in the gut for optimal performance. 

Mid-range: 4ml per kg of feed.
High range: 8ml per kg of feed.

Added to water at 1-2ml per litre of water. 

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  • Malcolm Clement

    How mnuch do I add to drinking water. How much say into a 9lt bucket of drinking water.

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