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Supporting your horse in the heat this summer

Now that summer has officially arrived you and your horse can appreciate the sunny days, whether that’s out hacking together or even competing. However, it’s important to consider how your horse’s needs change in the warmer months and what you can do to support them.

Heat stress is most commonly observed in summer when temperature and humidity are at their highest.

Horses naturally produce heat through two metabolic functions: digestion and exercise. Heat stress occurs when there is a breakdown in the way a horse normally cools itself down and sweat is not able to evaporate and allow for proper cooling. If left untreated, this process of heat stress may lead to heat stroke, which can be life-threatening.

How to spot heat stress?

Broiler performance at day 30

Causes of heat stress & how to avoid them:

There are many different factors and conditions that could lead to your horse experiencing heat stress:

  • Dehydration - Allow your horse access to cool, clean water.    
  • Poor stable ventilation – Leave windows open to allow air to move through, if this doesn’t seem to be helping, consider adding a fan.    

  • Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight - Your horse can still enjoy the fields this summer, but if possible allow them access to a shaded area. Consider occassionally spraying them with cold water and clipping horses with long hair.    

  • Excessive exercise - Reduce ride time and intensity when it is hot and humid and ride in the morning or evening when it is the coolest. When hacking, consider a shaded bridlepath, for example in a woodland area.    

  • Transportation – Try and only transport horses during the cooler parts of the day and consider taking breaks to spray/hose down with cool water. Better to leave early for a competition with plenty of time for journey breaks, than to arrive with your horse in a distressed state.    

  • Obesity – If your horse hasn’t been able to shift their extra winter weight, this could be affecting their ability to stay cool.

Production efficiency at day 30
Production efficiency at day 30

How can we help?

Anpario’s Orego-Stim Equine 100% natural oregano essential oil supplement is specifically formulated to be added directly to feed, helping to optimise gut health and in turn support overall horse health and wellbeing during summer months.

Production efficiency at day 30

  • Orego-Stim has a characteristic herby aroma which can improve the palatability of feeds, maintaining a healthy appetite in the warmer months.      
  • Maintains gut motility, supporting nutrient utilisation and firmer dropping consistency.      

  • Natural calming properties aids horses under saddle or during stressful activities such as, competition and travelling.        

  • Ideal for nervous temperaments; aids concentration and focus in horses – great for competition season!    

How to use:

Add to feed at rates given below, ensure thorough mixing.

Start off with a small inclusion and gradually work up to the required amount.

Ponies: Maintenance:  10 – 15 ml per day. Extra support:  20 – 25 ml per day.

Horses: Maintenance:  20 ml per day. Extra support:  40 ml per day.

For best results, use continuously.

 Orego-Stim Equine should last around 5 weeks for one horse (dependent on inclusion rate).

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