Trial Summary Orego-Stim® Supports Lamb Growth Performance & Feed Efficiency 


  • Optimal lamb growth performance and feed efficiency post-weaning can help to support producer profitability by reducing number of days to market, as well as reducing feed costs to reach target weights.
  • Phytogenic feed additives, such as natural oregano essential oil, have been proven to provide multiple benefits for livestock producers.

  • In this study (Gümüş et al, 2017) lambs fed Orego-Stim supplemented diets demonstrated a numerically greater average daily gain and an improved feed efficiency compared to lambs fed control diets.


  • Efficient growth of lambs not only helps to minimise carbon output, but also has a positive economic impactfor producers, as lambs are reared and sold more quickly (Patel, 2020).
  • Improving weaner body weights and growth is likely to reduce post-weaning mortality (Cambell et al., 2009).

  • Post-weaning, target growth rates of 200g/day should be achieved, but less than 100 g/day is commonly reached (Patel, 2020).

  • 100% natural oregano essential oil provides many well-documented functions, including antibacterial, antiprotozoal, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and immunomodulatory properties. In addition, as a flavouring compound, it can also help to support voluntary feed intakes.

  • Orego-Stim is a high quality phytogenic eubiotic composed of 100% natural oregano essential oil.


An independent trial was conducted at Atatürk University, Turkey to assess the effect of Orego-Stim (OS) on lamb performance. 24 male 3-month old weaned Akkaraman lambs were allocated to one of three dietarygroups. This included a control group (CON) (basal lamb diet and no additives), Orego-Stim 1 (OS1) (basal diet+ 0.2 kg/tonne of Orego-Stim) and Orego-Stim 2 (OS2) (basal diet + 0.4 kg/tonne of Orego-Stim). Bodyweight was measured at the start of the trial (3 months of age) and on days 14, 28, 42 and 56. Daily feed intake was determined by weighing the remaining concentrate in feeders prior to morning feed.


  • Average body weight gain was numerically increased in lambs fed OS supplemented diets. Lambs from the OS1 dietary group had an 11% greater daily gain compared to the control group and lambs from the OS2 group had a 23% greater daily gain compared to control fed lambs (Figure 1).
  • Lambs fed OS supplemented diets required less feed as they were more feed efficient, with those from the OS1 group consuming 2.2% less feed than the control group and lambs from the OS2 group consuming 6% less feed compared to control fed lambs.

  • Feed conversion ratios were also improved in lambs supplemented with OS1 and OS2, by 10 and 21 points respectively (Figure 2).

Orego-Stim | Help Improve Growth Performance in Dairy Calves


Orego-Stim is Anpario's 100% natural high quality oregano essential oil (OEO) additive range. 

  • OEO naturally contains antimicrobial and antioxidant compounds to support a healthy digestive system and aid nutrient absorption.
  • Supports animal's natural defence mechanism and aids natural immunity. 


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Disclaimer: No performance benefits are guaranteed. The information presented is based on published work by Gümüş et al, 2017 and was correct at the time of collateral creation.

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