Orego-Stim® for Broilers

Developed to manage intestinal health, supporting optimum gut integrity and performance, Orego-Stim is a consistent high quality source of 100% natural Oregano Essential Oil.

Coccidiosis Control

Coccidiosis is a common issue for broiler producers worldwide and is estimated to result in global costs of $2-3 billion annually. Coccidial infection, and to a lesser extent coccidial vaccination, can significantly damage the gut wall lining. This can lead to the development of lesions which results in impaired nutrient absorption, reduced bird performance (due to poor feed conversion ratio), slower growth and can also result in higher flock mortality. Traditionally coccidiosis has been controlled via the use of chemicals, ionophores and vaccines.

Coccidiosis Lifecycle

Orego-Stim has been shown not to interfere with anticoccidial vaccine immunity when used on its own or in combination with a vaccine. Orego-Stim assisted birds were supported to achieve their genetic potential during a coccidiosis challenge. When administered in water, Orego-Stim has also been shown to lessen the intestinal damage from coccidia, leading to increased weight gain and lower lesion scores during challenge, when compared to Robenidine treatment. Orego-Stim also allows for coccidial recycling in the litter which is essential for the development of natural immunity against coccidiosis.

Orego-Stim Lowers Average Mortality (%)

  • Mortality was measured during a coccidial challenge.
  • Birds fed diets supplemented with Orego-Stim coped with the challenge better, with significantly lower mortality than broilers provided with only coccidiosis vaccination (Coccivac-B52).
  • The combination of vaccination and Orego-Stim supplementation at 300 g/tonne resulted in the lowest mortality, with an 11.1% lower mortality than vaccination alone.

Orego-Stim Improves Broiler FCR by 11+ Points

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