Trial Summary – Orego-Stim Supports Performance in Turkeys During Coccidial Challenge


  • Orego-Stim is effective in reducing the impact of coccidial challenge on growth performance and intestinal health.


  • Coccidiosis in turkeys will result in reduced growth rates, poor feed conversion and increased mortality.
  • Previously, coccidiosis was commonly controlled via in-feed anticoccidial chemicals and/or ionophores.
  • Vaccination is not common practice.
  • Orego-Stim is a high quality, plant based eubiotic, containing 100% natural oregano essential oil.


A study was conducted at Southern Poultry Research Inc, Georgia, USA for a total of 9 days. A total of 512 female turkey poults were obtained at day-old and reared in coccidia-free battery cages until 14 days of age. At 14 days, poults were assigned to treatment cage with ad libitum access to feed and water. At 16 days of age, each poult was challenged orally with a 1ml mixed coccidial inoculum. At 23 days of age, 9 poults were weighed and faeces were collected from all cages and examined for the number of oocysts/g faeces (OPG).

Treatment groups were as follows:

Treatment No. birds/cage No. cages Challenge*
Non-medicated, non-infected control (NC) 8 8
Non-medicated, infected control (IC) 8 8
Avatec (Sodium Lasalocid 99ppm) (LAC) 8 8
Orego-Stim (150g/T) (OSP150) 8 8
Orego-Stim (300g/T) (OSP300) 8 8
Orego-Stim (150ml/1000l) (OSL150) 8 8
Orego-Stim (300ml/1000l) (OSL300) 8 8
Orego-Stim (300g/T+150ml/1000l) (OSPL) 8 8

* Per dose, approximately 100,000 oocysts, comprising Eimeria meleagrimitis, E. gallopavonis and E. adenoides field isolates.


Figure 1. Comparison of adjusted feed conversion ratio (FCR) from 14-23 days of age between treatment groups Figure 2. Comparison of body weight gain (kg) from 14-23 days of age between treatment groups Figure 3. Comparison of the number of oocysts/g of faeces during the treatment period (14-23 days) between treatment groups


  • All treatment groups significantly improved feed efficiency (Fig 1.) compared to birds infected with coccidiosis.
  • All treatment groups significantly increased weight gain (Fig 2.) compared to birds infected with coccidiosis.
  • Sodium Lasalocid was the most successful at improving turkey performance during coccidial challenge (Fig. 1 & Fig. 2) however, the levels of oocysts/g of faeces of this group was higher than any other treatment, including the infected control group (Fig. 3).
  • A combination of Orego-Stim Powder and Orego-Stim Liquid (OSPL) out-performed all other treatment groups in minimising the impact of coccidial challenge on poultry performance.

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