Orego-Stim® Liquid - Phil Murphy - NSW

“I have been involved in the sport of Pigeon Racing since 1977, and am currently the owner/ operator of a pigeon breeding stud listed and advertised as LPM Stud. In total, I would house at the beginning of each year, around 400 pigeons. As well as breeding and selling pigeons throughout Australia, I also compete with my own 150-bird race team. The birds I race with compete in my local club (Campbelltown City Pigeon Club) in Sydney that has a membership of 20 and is affiliated with Australia’s largest pigeon federation of which I am President (The Central Cumberland Racing Pigeon Federation Inc.) with 400 members.

Over the years, I have tried many types of pigeon products and supplements, all promising great results, either during the breeding, moulting and/or racing season. Unfortunately many of these products failed to measure up to their manufactures claims. Some provided benefits at one particular stage of the year but not in all, along with many of these supplements not being a 100% natural product and not backed up by any recognised research.

Several years ago, when Orego-Stim was first introduced to Australia by a previous manufacturer, I was encouraged to try it by a fellow fancier who said that he was ecstatic about the results he observed in his loft within a few days of administering it.

Since this time I have used it every day in the bird’s water, both race and stock birds. Their dropping are always a firm nutty colour, their plumage always supple and glossy with bright eyes. I have not had any outbreaks of cocci, canker or respiratory disease for many years. I believe my race results and returns have definitely improved since using Orego-Stim with many major prizes being won. One of these would have to have been winning the prize pool of $100,000 by a pigeon I named “Aristotle” after this great win. Many other prestigious races, wins and/or places have been taken by my birds at both Club and Federation level and I believe much of my success over recent years can be attributed to using Orego-Stim.

I would not hesitate to recommend this product to any fancier that wishes to improve his race results, and also maintain the overall health and well-being of his pigeons."

Phil Murphy’s race winner, Aristotle BP 12 141.

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