Orego-Stim® Powder - Carrington View Boer Goats - Marz Andrew - NSW

"We added Orego-Stim Powder to our feed for both the adults and the kids. The first noticeable difference was when the kids started eating more than they were drinking not one of them scoured. It is common when their rumen kicks in that they will get the runs for a few days but not one kid scoured with the change over from milk to feed.

With the adults we realised when they had feed without Orego-Stim Powder that if they overate, they would scour, this didn’t happen when they had the Orego-Stim. The goats have generally improved since using this product, and we have noticed a reduction in worm problems despite the incredibly wet summer we have had."

Marz Andrew, Carrington View Boer Goats

Orego-Stim Powder

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