Trail Summary - Orego-Stim® Reduces Faecal Egg Count in Cage-Free Laying Hens

Customer Summary

  • A cage-free production system located in Midwest USA.
  • This system has had issues with a high incidence of roundworm (Ascaridia galli).

Product Background

  • Orego-Stim (OS) is a high quality eubiotic composed of 100% natural oregano essential oil.
  • Developed to support intestinal health in poultry and maintain optimum gut integrity.

Orego-Stim Application and Parameters Assessed

  • Faecal egg count was undertaken across 3 flocks.
  • Layer diets were supplemented with OS at 600 g/tonne of feed for 14 consecutive days.
  • Faecal samples were analysed for the number of roundworm eggs per gram (EPG) of faeces, both prior to and following the 14 days of OS supplementation.



  • Roundworm infection is a genuine concern for the industry and consumers.
  • Feeding Orego-Stim for 14 consecutive days successfully reduced roundworm faecal egg counts in all flocks, with an average EPG reduction of 54% achieved.

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