Orego-Stim® for Free Range Hens

Developed to manage intestinal health, supporting optimum gut integrity and performance, Orego-Stim® is a consistent high quality source of 100% natural Oregano Essential Oil.

Free Range Challenges.

Anpario Solutions.

Free range production systems are associated with a number of challenges, including a higher hen mortality rate, more gut health challenges, lower productivity and floor eggs.

Improving the gut health of your layers can have a significant impact on their overall health, performance, and egg production. This is because the gastrointestinal tract in a hen plays a key role in nutrient absorption and 70% of immune cells reside in the gut.

Producers who understand and prioritise gut health will usually benefit from a high performing flock, with optimal feed efficiency and production. This can have a beneficial impact on producer profits, particularly for free range producers where the environmental challenges to the flock can have a significant impact on overall gut health.

Orego-Stim® is a 100% natural oregano essential oil additive formulated to be low inclusion and free-flowing for inclusion in finished feed and water to give an effective homogeneous mix.

  • Available as both a liquid and powder.
  • Flexibility and ease in application through feed or drinking water.
  • Enables an immediate, positive impact to be made on both the gut health and performance of the free range flock.


Key Trials

Commercial Study

A recent commercial study conducted with a European producer (2022) has shown that free range hens offered drinking water supplemented with Orego-Stim® Liquid demonstrated significant improvements in performance.

This study demonstrates that Orego-Stim® is a cost-effective, natural solution for improving hen performance, reducing the number of second eggs and increasing egg production without compromising feed efficiency and whilst maintaining persistence of lay.

  • 22 more eggs/hen by 76 weeks of age.
  • More large and medium eggs and 44% less small eggs.
  • Reduced number of liquid, dirty and cracked eggs resulting in fewer losses at the packing station.
  • Cumulative mortality rates were 17% lower at 76 weeks of age in hens offered Orego-Stim®.
  • Improved feed efficiency: 12% less feed required per egg produced compared to hens in the control group.
  • This free range producer benefited from an ROI of 14.4:1.

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