Hot Topic - The Importance of Promoting a Healthy Gut for a Happy Hen

There are billions of bacteria within the gut of all poultry species. Most of these bacteria are beneficial and can help your bird to neutralise any harmful by-products produced during digestive processes, stimulate digestion of feed and also aid in the absorption of nutrients. Many of these “good” gut bacteria can also help improve the health status of your birds as a result of the vitamins that they produce. These beneficial bacteria ultimately ensure the overall health and well-being of your birds.

However, there are instances in which gut bacteria populations of poultry species can be disrupted, causing harmful bacteria and yeasts within the gut to increase in number. This imbalance can have negative implications for your birds, resulting in compromised abilities to absorb nutrients from diets and can lead to poor digestive function. This not only affects the production and growth of poultry species, but also enhances the risk of disease and health issues for your birds.

How to Help Achieve and Maintain a Healthy Gut in Birds?

There are many ways in which a healthy gut health can be achieved and maintained, one of which is through the supplementation of poultry feed with oregano essential oil. The compounds within oregano oil are well known to offer our feathery friends a host of benefits. Oregano oil is considered to be an effective antimicrobial, protecting birds from the effects of harmful bacteria and viruses. In addition to this, oregano essential oil acts as an antioxidant and helps to promote immune responses, meaning your birds could be stronger and better able to fend off disease

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