Orego-Stim® Liquid and Powder - NB & TA Lett Dairy Farm Airly, VIC

“Our sixty calves had Cryptosporidium, the vet came to see them and advised that there was little he could do. 

They weren’t eating, there was blood in their faeces. We lost three calves and the vet advised that we could expect to lose more.

I started the calves on Orego-Stim Liquid both in their milk and in their water, within a week their appetite improved

Their faeces returned to normal and I could see they were getting betterWe did not lose another calf

We use Orego-Stim in the feed and water of our dairy herd as well. I recommend Orego-Stim Liquid to support health and well-being."

Orego-Stim Liquid - How to Use

Calves (birth to weaning)

An initial 10ml/head/day added to milk for first 10 days followed by 2ml/head/day until weaning. Add to the daily milk allowance, ensure thorough mixing. Fresh and clean drinking water should always be available.

Beef cattle

An initial 500ml/1000L of water (5ml/10L of water) for 28 days followed by a maintenance rate of 125ml/1000L of water (1.25ml/10L of water).

Dairy cattle

15ml/head/day for 28 days.

Please Note: Orego-Stim Liquid should not be used in an undiluted form.

Mixes easily – no separation. 

Can be used all year round.




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