Orego-Stim Equine Liquid 1L
Orego-Stim Equine Liquid 1L
Orego-Stim Equine Liquid 1L
Orego-Stim Equine Liquid 1L

Orego-Stim Equine Liquid 1L

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Orego-Stim Equine is a 100% natural oregano essential oil supplement for horses & ponies.

Encourages feed & forage intakes, supports digestive health with calming properties to support horses through periods of stress.

Oregano Essential Oil Based Additive to Supplement Horse & Pony Feeds.

Oregano essential oil (OEO) naturally contains a wide range of antimicrobial and antioxidant properties which are widely known to help support a healthy digestive system, have natural calming properties and help support natural immunity.

Orego-Stim Equine is part of Anpario’s leading Orego-Stim range, containing OEO extracted from the oregano plant that is specific to Anpario. The plants are cultivated to have the optimal balance of active ingredients that include carvacrol and thymol.

FEMAS accredited.

Key Benefits

Equine Appetite:

  • Orego-Stim has a characteristic herby aroma which can improve the palatability of feeds.
  • Helps maintains a healthy appetite encouraging forage intakes.
  • Beneficial for fussy or older horses.

Equine Digestive Health:

  • OEO is shown to support a well-balanced and diverse microbiota which helps maintain cell turnover in the gut.
  • Maintains gut motility and firmer dropping consistency.
  • Supports nutrient absorption, helping to obtain the most from feed and forages.

Equine Natural Calmer and Stress Management:

  • OEO contains potent antioxidants known to help neutralize free radicals.
  • Ideal for nervous temperaments; aids concentration and focus in horses when used continuously as part of a feeding regime.
  • Aids horses under saddle or during activities such as, competition and travelling.

    How to Use

    Add to feed at rates given below, ensure thorough mixing.

    Maintenance:  10 – 15 ml per day.
    Extra support:  20 – 25 ml per day.

    Maintenance:  20 ml per day.
    Extra support:  40 ml per day.

    For best results, use continuously.

    Added bonus: Orego-Stim Equine mixes easily with no separation.

    Please Note:

    Do not feed to pregnant or lactating mares.

    Once opened, ensure the lid is screwed on tightly between use to ensure longevity of the product, and store in a cool, dry area away from heat.

    For Safety Datasheet, please email us at australia@anpario.com.

    For the Product Data Sheet, click here to download. 


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    neil russell (Adelaide, AU)
    all good

    all good thanks Neil

    Julie (Melbourne, AU)
    Gut health

    About 18 months ago I took on a 12 year old Percheron who had a very long and sad history of neglect and starvation. He was a hot mess.

    Among his many problems was a poorly functioning gut. He passed sloppy, cowpat manure constantly. He also passed great squirts of fecal liquid and I had to wash his tail and backend daily for hygiene reasons. On a good day he would pass giant poop masses full of poorly digested feed. These manure masses would show vague outlines of apples but were essentially a solid mass that I would describe as elephant poop. They showed the transit time through his ceacum and colon was too fast. He wasn’t reabsorbing enough liquid. He could be described as having a chronic colitis and he had several scary bouts of low grade colic.

    I, along with my Vet, tried everything possible. We spent many months working our way through a long list of tests, treatments, and supplements. We got him to a point where he was not squirting liquid or doing cow pat slop. He was consistently producing elephant poops and it remained like that for months. My Vet and I both thought that maybe, that would be as good as he could get. That the damage to his bowel was such that it would never work properly again.

    One day I saw an ad for Orego Stim on Facebook. I looked it up and thought, I’ve nothing to lose by trying it. So, I did. At the end of the first week, I thought I could see an improvement in his manure quality. Still elephant poop, but the apple outlines looked more obvious. By the end of the second week, he started to produce some apples. They were large, but there were individual apples. Initially they would accompany an elephant poop but by the end of the month, the elephant poops had stopped and it was all apples. They were still large but they did not have as much poorly digested feed in them. His gut was working better.

    These days he produces really healthy-looking apples. They are smaller and undigested feed is not evident. His gut works and it works really well. I could not be happier and I am convinced that it is due to the Orego Stim. I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone facing a gut issue in a horse. It’s safe, it’s not expensive, and it’s not difficult to dose, my boy loves the taste so much he gets sad if I forget to add it but as with all new suppliments it's probably best to introduce slowly.

    kristyn black (Melbourne, AU)
    Great product

    My gelding suffers from FWS and the orego stim is a must for his diet to keep it under control

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