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Anne tells us of the challenges her hens faced and how they are now seeing the benefit of the introduction of Orego-Stim Liquid to their water. Anne’s hen Beulah was suffering from an infection and she discovered Orego-Stim Liquid from a Facebook Chicken group:

“I had taken my sick chickens to the vet, one had an abscess in her throat and it was too risky to operate, she started to struggle and eat and we had to have her put to sleep. My other chicken Beulah, a Splash Barnevelder, was laying shell-less, soft-shell eggs and the vet said that he thought she had an infection in her reproductive tract. I shared my problems on a Facebook chicken group and Kylie from Anpario messaged me about Orego-Stim Liquid, we had a long talk on the phone about the benefits of Orego-Stim Liquid. I ordered some and started using it, since I started using Orego-Stim Liquid not only has the egg production increased for all 10 of my hens, Beulah is laying perfect eggs, even the colour is spot on, a lovely brown instead of pale and blotchy.

Not only has egg production increased, my sick hen Beulah is now thriving and the only thing I have changed is to add Orego-Stim Liquid to their water. Orego-Stim Liquid is so easy to use and all of my hens are now thriving, we feel we are on a winner.

Orego-Stim Liquid is Anpario's 100% natural high quality oregano essential oil additive.

  • Encourages feed intakes; 
  • Supports digestive health and nutrient absorption; 
  • Natural antimicrobial and antioxidant properties.

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