Hot Topic: Help your Horse Through the Colder Months Natural Solutions for Horse Wellbeing this Winter

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As winter approaches it’s important to consider how your horse’s needs will change in the colder months, and what you can do to support them.

Quality Nutrition

Due to the low nutritional content of grass in the winter, you will likely have to adjust your horse’s diet, and it is also widely recommended to give your horse a vitamin and mineral supplement or a feed balancer. Transitioning your horse or pony to new forages, feeds or supplements should be done over a few days, if not a week. This helps the gut bacteria adjust as well maintaining wellbeing during these changes in routine.

When choosing a supplement, it’s important to make sure it contains high quality active ingredients. Orego-Stim Equine, is Anpario’s 100% natural oregano essential oil. A unique production process protects its active properties to ensure a high quality, consistent  product every time. Herbal (or “phytogenic”) supplements are proven to improve the bioavailability of essential nutrients in the diet, particularly beneficial in winter when nutritional content of feed/forage is low and getting the most out of it is vital. Phytogenics naturally contain numerous active compounds that support metabolic and physiological functions.

Key Benefits:

  • Orego-Stim has a characteristic herby aroma which can improve the palatability of feeds and encourage your horse to settle on their winter diet.
  • Maintains gut motility and dropping consistency.

  • Supports nutrient absorption, helping to obtain the most from feed, through proper feed breakdown, nutrient use and absorption, supporting their top line condition.

  • Powerful antioxidant properties provide natural, long-term calming support beneficial for helping manage stress levels through the change of season

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Keeping Condition

It’s important to keep your horses joints active and supported over winter as their activity level transitions. Cold weather combined with prolonged standing in stables can make joints stiffer, and keeping your horse moving is essential, so continue riding and turn them out as much as possible. Good hoof management reduces joint strain, as does weight management, as extra weight on the joints should always be avoided. Supplements can also be beneficial for extra joint care.



Hydrated Happy Horses

It’s critical to maximise the amount your horse is drinking throughout the year to prevent dehydration and colic. During the summer, lush pastures contribute massively to your horse’s water requirement, as they contain 60-80 percent moisture. However, dried winter feedstuffs such as hay and grain have a moisture level of less than 15 percent.

If your horse isn’t drinking enough in the colder weather, they may start to eat less and be prone to impaction colic, and less feed means less energy to help them tolerate the cold. Check troughs daily to ensure the water is clean and hasn’t frozen.

Stable Management

While we want our horses’ staying hydrated, we need our stables to remain dry. Now the nights are longer and wet weather is more regular, your horse is likely to spend more time in his stable, and damp conditions can lead to mould and fungi growth.

Our natural, drying sanitising powder Clean & Dry, is formulated with a blend of natural minerals and essential oils with enhanced absorption to help provide a dry bed in the stable, yard or horse box. It can absorb twice its weight in liquid, ensuring removal of excess moisture in the environment, which could lead to unwanted bacterial growth. Moisture absorption can also help reduce ammonia levels in the environment, which aids respiratory health and supports better air quality.


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