Orego-Stim® Liquid for Calves - Brett Kemper - VIC

“I buy calves from the market at between 5-10 days old. Cryptosporidium with these calves is a problem and I have tried a lot of products on the market to give them the best chance of survival, but I was still losing them. I started using Orego-Stim March this year and I haven’t lost a calf since.

I use 5ml morning and night for the first week and if they are 100% I drop back to 1ml twice a day until they are weaned. If they are not 100% after the first week, I keep giving them 5ml twice a day until they are 100% and then drop back to 1ml twice a day until they are weaned.

 Before using Orego-Stim I spent time tubing calves now that I use Orego-Stim the calves with Crypto keep their appetite and keep drinking. I have stopped all other additives and treatments and now just use Orego-Stim and more recently have started buying a generic powdered milk.

 I would recommend Orego-Stim to all calf rearers.”

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